The NGO is purely non-profitable non Governmental for the welfare of the unprivileged people and NGO is
free from all sorts of political motives having the following aims and objects.

  1. To establish and maintain Schools and academies for poor children.
  2. To help and bear fee and other expenses for orphan children in schools and colleges.
  3. To provide books, fee and uniforms the deserving students.
  4. To provide free medical services to poor persons and establish the medical camp in different areas.
  5. To establish a hospital facilities.
  6. To arrange residence facilities for deserving and especially old persons.
  7. To establish blood bank (maintaining blood account is All Pakistan Govt. Hospitals.
  8. To establish libraries and computer labs in academic institutions where required.
  9. To make arrangements for enhancing the adjustability of female in society.
    10.To foster cooperation with and between likeminded society and association both in Pakistan abroad and to
    become affiliated with international, regional organization, anywhere in the world.
    11.To enter in the agreement and contracts with governments, organizations, institutions, bodies and
    individuals for the purpose of carrying out above mentioned functions and activities.

12.To do all such steps which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of above aims or any of them.
13.To facilitate in arranging mirage of poor youth of society.
14.To strive for providing adequate service and care to the families of these who matyr in wars, floods, earthquakes
and other natural disasters through specialized, section i.e social aspect, , legal care, psychological care and education
15.To establish stitching centers for poor girls in the field of tailoring embroidery, stitching etc.
16.To establish a business platform for sale/marketing of simple food stuff like dates, tea, spices, honey etc. to generate fund necessary to run the project of NGO.
17.To establish research centers fully equipped with advanced technology for providing underprivileged and poor students easy and economical access to educational sources for their higher education and research.
18.To conduct lectures, workshops and short courses for enlightenment of people aiming to bridge the wide open
gulf between different religions, sects and groups of human society for eradication of sectarianism and extremism from
19.To maintain and ambulance squad to facilitate poor patients of less privileged areas.